Corona to 42 -- E4

Matt and Patrick talk about the hot topic of the day, COVID-19, how we've been affected, and how we're navigating our way through it. We get a little too deep down the existential rabbit hole near the end, so watch yourself. And we end, the way all things end, with 42. Tweet #almostphpamous with your guesses on Matt's censored news. XD
Thank you all for listening to two random guys talking about life. We hope you enjoy a little banter. This episode is about how we are dealing with the pandemic and how it relates to our work as critical thinkers. We want to give a shout out to @luisdalmolin for his work on Eloquent with Power Joins ( We chat a little about DarkLang, a new expressive programming language and paradigm, and then it just devolves into philosophical quandaries surrounding emergent cognitive theory. And there's some censored new from Matt. Tweet #almostphpamous with your guesses on what the news might be.

Matt Lantz @mattylantz
Patrick Devins @drpoddevlo

Intro/Outro Music is God Hates Kittens by Daniel Bautista from his XX Anniversary album