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Catch up & Muster -- E7

In this ep, Matt and Patrick catch up on what's been going on over the last 6 or so months and talk about some future plans for consistent and evergreen content.

Productivity & Workflows -- E6

In this ep, Matt and Patrick go over some of their personal methods for maintaining productivity and organization, as well as the workflows they've developed through the years.

Technical Debt: the Good, the Bad, and the Timely -- E5

We talk about note-taking, make some promises we probably won't keep, and review our thoughts on technical debt, the good kind and the bad kind. An in-depth conversation ensues where we discuss ways to mitigate debt, and when it makes sense to fix things.

Corona to 42 -- E4

Matt and Patrick talk about the hot topic of the day, COVID-19, how we've been affected, and how we're navigating our way through it. We get a little too deep down the existential rabbit hole near the end, so watch yourself. And we end, the way all things end, with 42. Tweet #almostphpamous with your guesses on Matt's censored news. XD

How We Did/Do It -- E3

Matt and Patrick almost follow the Trello board today and talk mostly about "How we got into developing software" and "How we think about editing code in our applications". We get distracted in the middle talking about "How our thoughts exist in our heads". We hope you enjoy!

Podcast Theory -- E2

Matt and Patrick almost get too deep into conversations about mental health and the tide of opinions on social theory. We also talked way too much about books and movies, so go check out the bonus episode for all of that cut content.

StarWars, Tralfamadorians, and Shazam! -- Bonus

A bonus episode of us just riffing on books, movies and other nerdy stuff. Not really development related, but we think you'll like it.

Remote Control -- E1

Matt and Patrick talk about working remotely, and some of the trials and tribulations of having the ultimate work freedom. Twitter is still the debil. Patrick keeps saying 504 when he means 503. Don't at me.

Meet and Greet -- Pilot

In this ep we talk about a bunch of goofy stuff that you might not be interested in, but if you listen, you'll get to know us a little bit. Except we forgot to say our names at the beginning, do any kind of introduction, and generally didn't follow any format at all. ENJOY!