Meet and Greet -- Pilot

In this ep we talk about a bunch of goofy stuff that you might not be interested in, but if you listen, you'll get to know us a little bit. Except we forgot to say our names at the beginning, do any kind of introduction, and generally didn't follow any format at all. ENJOY!
In this ep, we talk about:
 - PHPStorm and VS Code
 - The proper way to say "Z"
 - Laravel Selfie home-walkthrough vids with J. Mac and Mr. Hemphill
 - Our favorite Celsius numbers
 - Mr. Robot work-environments and keeping focused
 - Being productive and working well from home
 - Patrick buying @jdalton infinite beers
- Owing taxes
- Alfred, random notes, and other fun apps
- And some bad photo editing advice

(P. S. Patrick is the voice that talks about Florida and the US, and Matt is the voice that talks about Toronto and Canada)